Joe DeBartolo, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Data Science

Dr. DeBartolo joined Auron Therapeutics in June 2021 as Associate Director, Computational Biology. Most recently he was Senior Principal Scientist of Bioinformatics at BioMedicine Design Pfizer in Cambridge MA where he built database-linked applications and visual analysis tools for NGS platforms, including single-cell RNA-seq and DNA Ig-Seq. A big part of this work involved designing and implementing analysis workflows and tools for a wide variety of data sources across biotherapeutic discovery to support projects in research areas that include oncology, inflammation and immunology, and rare disease. Before Pfizer he was at Ipsen Biosciences, also in Cambridge MA, where he worked across chemistry and biology to support drug discovery projects in the immune-oncology space through his expertise in target validation, structure modeling, and in silico protein engineering and design. His academic career includes postdoctoral work at MIT where he developed statistical models built from structure, empirical data, and deep sequencing to model protein interaction selectivity within the Bcl-2 family of proteins – a system highly relevant to cancer biology. He received his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Chicago where his thesis and publications centered around developing statistical models that predict protein structure from sequence.

Joe enjoys roaming with his two Corgis and two Poi dogs in the Noanet woodlands.