Kimberly StraleyKimberly Straley

Kimberly Straley

Director, Translational Biology

Kim Straley joined Auron Therapeutics in March of 2021. Kim has 20 years of industry experience in cell biology small molecule drug discovery from her time at Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Agios Pharmaceuticals. Her career has focused on developing cell-based assays for SAR exploration as well as detailed mechanistic studies, both of which significantly contributed to the discovery and progression of multiple first-in-class approved therapies.  These include the IDH1 and 2 mutant inhibitors- Tibsovo and Idhifa for the treatment of AML as well as the CFTR modulators- Kalydeco, Orkambi, and Trikafta for the treatment of Cystic Fibrosis. As an early employee of Agios in 2009, Kim was responsible for helping build infrastructure necessary to support multiple R&D projects in addition to her work on mutant IDH1/2 research and translational biology. Most recently at Vertex, Kim was leading the biology team of an early stage hit-to-lead project to lead optimization status. Kim brings to Auron her broad cell biology drug discovery expertise and patient-focused drive to help discover and develop novel transformative therapies.

Kim learned to sail while living in San Diego and has kept it up since moving to Boston, including spending 5 years frostbite racing on the harbor to acclimate to the new climate.