Roman ShimanovichRoman Shimanovich

Roman Shimanovich Ph.D.

Senior Director, CMC

Before joining Auron Therapeutics, Roman worked at Schrödinger as a Director of Pharmaceutical Sciences, where he served as Pharmaceutics and Drug Product lead on multiple Development and Discovery programs, directly contributing to two IND filings for novel cancer therapeutics.

Prior to Schrodinger, Roman was a Senior Principal Scientist at Celgene, which was later acquired by BMS, where he established a Pharmaceutical Sciences laboratory at its Cambridge, MA research site and provided pharmaceutics support to several Discovery programs.

Roman began his industrial career at Amgen in Small Molecule Preformulation group where he was directly involved as Pharmaceutics functional leader, responsible for preformulation, form selection, and formulation development activities, in numerous Discovery programs, many of which reaching clinical development stage, including the drug candidate which eventually became Sotorasib, the first approved KRas inhibitor.

Roman received B.S degrees in Chemistry and in Biology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Princeton University where he studied reaction mechanisms of iron porphyrins with peroxynitrite ion under the guidance of Professor John. T. Groves. This was followed by postdoctoral NIH fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in the laboratory of Professor Ian A. Blair where he studied protein modifications by lipid hydroperoxide-derived bifunctional electrophiles using HPLC and LC-MS methods.

Roman lives with his wife and children in Massachusetts. He enjoys spending time with his family, rock climbing, and doing home-improvement projects.