Shin-San Michael Su, Ph.D.

Former CSO, Volastra Therapeutics, Inc.

Dr. Su is a pioneering biotech leader with deep expertise in drug discovery and translational medicine. He served as Chief Scientific Officer of Volastra Therapeutics and as Chief Scientific Officer of Decibel Therapeutics. Before that, Dr. Su was a Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Agios Pharmaceuticals, where he led the team responsible for identifying the oncogenic cause of IDH mutants in cancer and the discovery of IDHIFA® and TIBSOVO®, FDA-approved treatments for AML with IDH mutations. He served as General Director and Vice President of the Biomedical Engineering Research Laboratory at ITRI in Taiwan and spent 14 years in scientific leadership roles at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, concluding his tenure as Program Executive and Vice President of the Novartis-Vertex kinase collaboration. Dr. Su has a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Duke University and completed postdoctoral work through the Helen Hay Whitney Foundation Fellowship in biochemistry and molecular biology at Harvard University.