Thomas Graeber, Ph.D.

Chief Data Officer

Tom Graeber, Ph.D. is the Chief Data Officer at Auron Therapeutics. Tom has an established academic career in the systems biology of cancer. His research integrates multi-omic profiling, experimentation, and computational biology. His work in integrated signaling and metabolic networks has repeatedly pointed to the importance of negative and positive feedback loops in cancer phenotypes, and he is investigating approaches to therapeutically disrupting cancer-specific reliance on these feedback mechanisms. At Auron he works closely with both the computational and experimental teams, to build the Aurgin bioinformatics platform and design experiments to collect proprietary omic data on differentiation. Tom has a parallel position as Professor in the Department of Molecular & Medical Pharmacology, and the Director of the UCLA Metabolomics center; and he serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of Coherus BioSciences.

Tom lives in Los Angeles, CA, and enjoys the adventures his family takes him on encompassing travel, sports, and fishing.