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Differentiation Therapy: Transforming the way we treat cancer

Progress in any field is often non-linear and inflection points of exponential growth are fueled by breakthroughs in scientific understanding.  How normal differentiation programs are co-opted by cancer cells to enable cell fate plasticity and rapid proliferation of poorly differentiated cells is one such breakthrough.  Our increased understanding of dysregulated differentiation and cellular plasticity in cancer is based on the integration of information-rich, multi-omics datasets that illuminate the key drivers of this disease and allow us to radically re-focus the mechanism of our cancer therapeutics to target these pathways.  This paradigm shift to differentiation-based therapies offers life-saving, transformative medicines for patients. ​

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Transforming cells
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How we do it

AURigin: A machine learning, multi-omics platform for a systems-biology understanding of differentiation and cancer ​

At Auron, we have built a proprietary, machine learning based platform called AURigin that integrates large, multi-omic datasets derived from primary human tissue samples.  Using the platform, we have constructed a systems-biology level understanding of normal tissue differentiation and tumor development. Custom applications within AURigin enable direct access to high quality, multi-dimensional datasets used by Auron’s scientists to identify key therapeutic targets in well-defined patient populations. Rapid development of novel therapies is facilitated by targeted clinical trial designs and accelerates the approval of new cancer treatments for patients.​

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The Auron Team: Changing the way we think about cancer, impacting Lives

By viewing cancer through the lens of differentiation states and trajectories, we are shifting the way we think about new cancer therapies. We have assembled a world class team of differentiation biology experts, drug hunters, computational biologists, and physician scientists all united in a common goal: bringing effective differentiation-based therapies to cancer patients. At Auron, we believe that changing the way we think about cancer can save lives. ​

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